Friday, 16 March 2012

It's finally Friday! And spring is coming!

Our son left for Egypt this morning. With my parents. They're already there, on the way to the hotel. Lucky, huh? We weren’t that lucky when we were his age. But travel possibilities back then were totally different. And when I was turning three, my brother was about to be born, our son is still an only child ;)

Now, I’m the only person in our “nuclear family” who’s remained all her life on one continent only. My husband has been to North America (for business purposes, but still) and my son is now in Africa… It’s high time for me to leave Europe for some time, right? Well, it seems like it’s not. Not yet, at least. We were to go to Egypt last year, which I already described here, but I still remain a totally European person. I still have all my life ahead of me so I know I’ll manage to visit most of the continents at least. And when I decide on doing something, trust me, I will do it one day.

In the meantime I’m planning on getting to know Europe a bit more precisely. I’ve visited most of the Western Europe, but not that precisely. And I really want to make up for it. We’ve roughly planned a direction in which we’re heading in the summer time. And during the long May weekend. And that’s it. Maybe we’ll manage to go somewhere this weekend so that you’ll be able to get to know some of my closest neighbourhood. We have too much to do during the one week off that we’re given because of our son’s holidays. We’ve just bought new furniture for the living room (yay! Finally! We’ve been planning to do that for sooo long and that means six months to me ;)) and we still want to repaint one of the little corridors in our house. Not to mention catching up with our friends and working on a regular basis. Although a week seems like a lot of time, when I started thinking what I’m about to do during that time, I realized it’s so little.

And I have to add it. I’ve come across a great blog. Try to visit if you have time. A totally different perspective for life ;) Where do such fantastic ideas come from? ;)

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