Monday, 21 December 2015

A quest for a Christmas tree

Last Saturday, we brought home a Christmas tree. Ok, not home, cause it's still outside. In our garden. Waiting for the moment to come. For the moment when we take her in. Cause my Christmas tree is always a "she". Not an "it".

This year, instead of buying a Christmas tree in one of many tree stands that open up right before Christmas, we decided to go to the forest and cut the tree for ourselves. Yes, it is illegal. Yes, you can get a fine for doing it. But! Yes, there is a but. Of course ;)

Every year, forestry of Gdańsk chooses different parts of forests where one can go and cut down a Christmas tree. Then you have to pay for it. Prices are lower than in all those stands. And he fun of cutting down your own tree is huge :) It was the first time we've tried it, though I've been meaning to do it for the past three or four years. I finally succeeded.

And now our tree is waiting. Waiting for December 24th. When she will enter our home. Get all dressed up. And celebrate Christmas with us.

How are your Christmas preparations? (Just in case, we cut down two trees altogether. One for us and one for my parents. Arturek waas helping my dad, while Paulinka couldn't decided whether she wanted or not to help her dad ;)).

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