Wednesday, 27 July 2016

In the middle of a forest

Imagine a place that is just an hour, maybe an hour and a half away from the city. Away from the place where you live. Yet, it is so distant that getting a phone reception there is a nightmare. You have to stretch to your limits, turn upside down (however that might have), or do any other things that will make you look totally hilarious to get the faintest phone reception that would maybe allow you to send a message. Maybe. Or will disappear in the middle of the process. And you'll have to start all over. (Well, it used to be like that when I first visited the place. Now it's easier to make a call ;)).

Imagine that you are woken up in the morning by the sun shining right on your face. You get downstairs, open the doors as wide as possible and drink your morning tea/coffee (or whichever beverage you prefer) listening to the birds singing beautifully right next to you.
You're in the middle of a forest. Just a few other houses (holiday homes) are around you. There's a great chance you'll meet nobody else here. Maybe one or two neighbours. If you're really lucky. But most of the time, you'll just have birds and squirrels as your neighbours.

The forest is full of blueberries. And mushrooms (rumour has it). If you're a fan. And butterflies. Colourful, magical. Ones that fly right next to you, not scared at all.
If you're bored with sitting by the house, you can always go down to the lake. The path is steep. And could get slippery, either from rain or from dry sand. But it's the fastest path to the lake. You can take a longer route. Take the road (forest road, not really for cars all that much), which is much safer. Well, at least in the sense that it's not so steep. Actually it's rather flat, believe it or not. Oh, and just beacuse it is wider and flatter, doesn't necessarily mean you'll meet more people there. Cause you probably won't.

When you already get to the lake, don't count on a beach. Just find yourself some place on the grass, drop your towel, shoes, clothes or whatever you wish to drop and get into water. You might see some people on the other side of the lake, but they won't bother you. It's still quiet. The water is clean. And refreshing.
This place. Kniewko, as we call it. Cause there's no official name, as far as I know. Just a street name (yes, that forest road has an official name. Sounds hilarious, but that's what it is ;)). In the middle of a forest. Away from civilisation. But close enough that if you really want to, you can commute to Tricity.
That's where we're going to rest after the whole road trip. Cause I figure we're going to be all exhausted, one way or another ;)
We're going to spend our last days of this year's holidays there. And by us I mean me and the kids. Cause I have a month off work (lucky me, I know) and my husband only three weeks. So I'm going to spend all days in Kniewko with the kids and Krzysiek is going to commute. So that he could spend the evenings and nights with us.
 I hope the weather is going to enable us all that...


  1. I love places like this! Our little getaway on the Chesapeake Bay is similar, but maybe not quite as remote. I hope you have a great time!

  2. This looks like the perfect day! I love mini outdoor trips like this, especially on weekends with no plans.

  3. This looks like the perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer! So gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous! It's always good to escape the city for a bit and throw yourself into nature, especially when it looks as pretty as this! :)

  5. What a great little place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax a bit in the middle of nowhere! I've learned to appreciate places like this so much more in the past few years, being completely disconnected from the outside world. Looks like the perfect place for a summer vacation! :D