Saturday, 1 July 2017

Summer has finally started...

Summer has finally started. Even though the weather is not spoiling us (it's either cloudy or rainy. Rare are the days when it's hot and sunny), it definitely feels different.

Schools are off till Sept. 4, so for a little over two months. Our guys left us, girls, at home and went for a karate camp together. And as I've heard, they're having a lot of fun, which is great.

Arturek is also planning to practice his sailing skills again this year, as well as practice football a little, too. Before he goes off to Greece.

We don't have any travel plans for this year. With our third child joining us this October, we're basically staying local. And if you live at the seaside, it's not really much of a regret. As long as the weather is nicer, of course. But you can always find something to do around here.

That should, however, give me plenty of time to finally catch up on my blog posts. There is still so much to write about our #Eurotrip2016 (I'm not even half way through!) plus a few more places we visited last year. Not to mention this year's short getaways to London and Majorca. I should definitely get down to it.

A year without planning any major trips feels strange. I love the planning phase. Reading, searching for places worth visiting, planning a general route. Then collecting stuff we're going to need and, finally, packing it all up and leaving. This year, however, none of that is going to happen. Which is a little sad on one hand, but then again, a new and different kind of adventure is going to open for us in October. And I can't wait for that either.

Me and Paulinka planning our 2014 Paris-Billund-London trip. I like to include our kids in the planning process :)

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