Sunday, 22 April 2012

My bring-me-spring incantation works!

It's been a really long weekend. Well, normal in length, actually, two days plus Friday afternoon. But I had so many things planned to do. First I wanted to catch up on my garden work. I wanted to do most of it last weekend but our son got sick (high fever) and, frankly speaking, I got sick as well. So I couldn't do it. During the work week - well, we don't have that much time left in the afternoons. Plus I get up really early (5 am that is) so I'm really exhausted in the afternoons and evenings. So usually garden work is done on Saturdays. Everybody's home and everybody can help. Then, all the housework to do - washing (done), shopping (done), cooking (done), ironing (still to do). Takes up a lot of time and a lot of energy, but the satisfaction I get from having these done - big one.

I wake Saturday morning and what do I see? It's raining! I think to myself that, of course, when I'm healthy and eager to work, it simply HAS TO be raining. Tough love, baby. Ok, so we go shopping. And when we got back home not only did it stop raining, but the sun started looking at us from behind the clouds. So as quickly as we could, we changed into our work clothes, got the tools we were going to need and off we went to the garden. I must admit that it's the first year that I'm really into the garden work. I have lots of plans how I want to reorganise the garden a bit. And I'm really into all the weeding, seeding, watering, cutting, raking. The thing that I really hate is mowing the grass. But, fortunately, that's the thing my beloved husband does. So I don't have to.

So what we managed to do on Saturday was preparing certain parts of our garden for seeding vegetables. And we managed to seed some of them - carrots, and two kinds of radishes. We're going to seed more in the second half of May, after the so-called "cold gardeners". And we finally took out the most longed for of all of our son's garden toys - the house. That means spring has come for good. About time!

And today we were simply enjoying spring! Yup, spring is in the air! The second day in the row. Well, more than second, frankly speaking, but I can't count the work week as I can't enjoy the weather then, so forgive me that shortcut. I know, I've already written that... More than once...  Hopefully, this time it's going to stay with us for good or change into summer quickly. One of the first words our son said today were - can I go to the garden? And so he did. He spent almost the whole day out! That's how he missed it. He loves being out. Running around, swinging, watering the plants, digging in the sand, sliding, everything! He's so happy then. And we're happy with him.

And here are some of the proofs that spring is in the air. The whole nature can feel it. Butterflies, ladybirds, flowers, trees, fruit... Everything.So much can change in just one day! Trust me, the difference in the look of flowers and trees between yesterday and today was enormous!

Apple tree flowers-to-be


 Grape hyacinth aka muscari
 These are our neighbour's, but they look amazing!
 Here is where we planted our veggie seeds
 One of the tulips
 Common lilac flowers-to-be
 Rhubarb aka "pindolki" aka "barbara" (these are the names given to rhubarb by our son... or repeated by him)
 We're expecting strawberries here...
 ...redcurrant here...
... and raspberries here.
 A ladybird on our pear tree
 I have no idea what this is called... sorry.
 Our beautiful forsythia
 No idea about the name here either, but you can see the leaves and the flowers-to-be, right?

  And our lonely yellow pansy

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