Monday, 26 March 2012

Family re-united in the spring time! ;)

Our lil’ boy is back home. He’s taller (I know it’s impossible to notice in a week, but forgive me that ;)) and tanned. And sooo cheerful. He definitely liked the trip. He couldn’t stop talking what a great adventure it was to fly a plane and to ride a camel.

Yet came the time when he had to come back to Poland. Luckily enough the weekend was quite warm. And with his birthday approaching quickly he got his first birthday gift. From my parent. A bike. A big bike for a big boy, as he keeps saying. And he is really eager to learn to ride it. He doesn’t get discouraged with falling down and with having trouble pedaling. That makes me happy as well, knowing that my kid likes spending time out, likes exercises and likes challenges.

Speaking of spending time out. That’s what Artur missed for the most of winter time. Yes, he was going for walks, he was going sledging, he was playing with snow. BUT! He couldn’t spend as much time outside as he wanted to. And he didn’t have his swing, he couldn’t use his slide. He missed it desperately. And now he has it back! Everything. If he could he would probably spend all the time in the garden. Although it’s not yet totally cleaned after winter, it’s enough for him. It’s his place, his own space, his oasis. He has his swing, his slide, his flowers, his favourite fruit (well, will have soon enough), his sand-pit, his little house to play in, his ball, his tunnel, his climbing rope, his ladder. Basically, everything a child needs to have a lot of fun.

And I can officially present you with all-the-best spring time pictures from our garden! Yup, spring is coming! We’ve shifted our clocks, we’ve had our first day of spring, all we can do now is wait for the plants to blossom!

I know I can’t wait for the big time spring time to come. Is it that obvious? I miss the warmth of sun on my face, the pretty green leaves on trees, the colourful flowers in my garden, the blossoming fruit trees. Yup, I love spring! Even more than summer, probably. For me it’s much more colourful, and much more anticipated. Probably because of the looong, grayish winter time that we have before spring. And I love autumn – again because of the colours. But not about that this time. Now it’s all about spring in the air. Birds singing, butterflies flying, cats meowing everywhere around us. March. And April soon to come. April. Yellow. That’s what it is – when I think of April I at once see everything in yellow colours! Such a strong and definite association.

After a wonderful weekend that we spent out because it was really pretty outside, not too warm yet, but sunny, this morning I found my car all covered in frost! And, worse yet to come, when I was waking up it was still dark outside! Stupid time shift…

 A happy, happy face :)

And a few pictures from Egypt (Arturek and my parents)

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