Sunday, 29 July 2012

Indian village, mini zoo and a playground - Leba part 4

See also part 1, part 2 and part 3.

The path in the forest led us to an Indian village. It was still under construction when we were there, so we were definitely one of the first people that could see it. But we could still enter it and walk around. There were some wigwams there that we could enter. In one of them there was a boy dressed as a sagamore who painted something on Artur’s cheek.

The last part of the park was dedicated to live animals. Rabbits, raccoon, horses, donkeys, deers, highland cattle, llama and even a kangaroo.

Finally we reached a place that Artur wanted to get to right at the beginning, when he saw it when we entered the park. The playground. It was huge in space. All on beach sand. Something like a castle. And something like a bridge. Some swings and slides. And lots of fun. And, yet again, a train for kids. Paid extra. There were also some machines to play, but we weren’t interested in that so I didn’t check what exactly that was. We couldn’t take Artur home, though, and we wanted to go and grab something to eat. We could eat something in the park itself, but one of the prizes in the radio contest was dinner in on of the restaurants in Leba. So we wanted to go and check that out. Only a promise of going to another playground after dinner helped me get my kid outta there. Not easy, not easy ;)


 See the background? They were still painting the rocks ;)

 There's a kangaroo in this picture. In case you we wondering...



Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dino world continued - Leba part 3

If you’ve missed it and would like to make up for it, here’s part 1 and part 2.

Our journey into the prehistoric world continued. From the watery-swampy area we proceeded to the rivery world. Yes, the countryside changed yet again. It was a part of the park composed of islands (bigger and smaller) situated on some waterways in a form of a small river.

There were many various things to do in this part of the park.

We had a chance to take a ride in Fred Flintstone’s car (free of charge). Well, I didn’t do that. I felt much safer taking pictures than riding in that risky car ;) But my guys eagerly jumped into the cars or carts and took the ride. It was exhausting and definitely not easy to get the cart going. My husband was totally exhausted tired after one ride and Artur kept asking for another one. That’s how much fun it was for the kid. But he wasn’t the one who was pedaling. No. He was the one sitting still and enjoying the ride.

There was a possibility of taking a swim in water bikes (stylized to match Fred’s car, no idea if you had to pay for that extra). Had the weather been nicer, we would have definitely taken one. But with the freezing cold wind and the black clouds, we gave up that idea.

There was a train, for kids mainly, that was taking them for a ride between the legs of some dinos. Paid extra. Of course, Artur had to do that. And not alone ;)

Plus there was a kind of a village with a school for kids, some buildings of fishermen of the old times and a kind of barn (or other animal house). The school, though, was great. I would have expected it to be closed (Saturday morning, no one except for us in the park at that point and that cold weather). But it was working. The moment the girls (dressed as dinos and.. no idea what the third one was dressed as) saw us, they immediately asked our son to join them in exploring the prehistoric world. They wanted to sing songs with him (he didn’t like that). Then they gave him a shovel and a brush and helped him find dino bones in the sand (he did that so eagerly). And finally, he was asked to organize the puzzles into a dinosaur (he tried to help us in doing that). At the end, he got a diploma and a stamp on his hand (he didn’t want to wash his hand for some time in order not to lose it).

Having left the village, we came across a playground at the entrance to the forest. A small, wooden one. But was enough to take a short break and let Artur play for some time.

Finally, we entered the forest. Yet another countryside. Diversified, right? There were some dinosaurs hidden among the trees. There were also some figures of dead or severely injured dinosaurs there. Something like real-life scenery. Although there were no scenes (that I can recall) of one dinosaur eating another. Luckily.

And that’s not all that we saw in the park. 

 There were moment (especially later during the day) when the sky was that clear!

 That's how all the figures were described