Saturday, 21 July 2012

Small things

It’s good to appreciate small things. To let them make you feel proud, happy, pleased, satisfied or bring whatever good emotions or memories you like. 

 I’m proud of this picture. It’s not “technically good” and not “state of the art”, but it makes me feel good. When I look at it I know, that I could have taken this picture from a higher place, like a stool or chair. But. Yup, there were a few buts.

1. There were little children all around us, so I didn’t want to set an undesirable example.
2. There was no stool at hand.
3. Neither of the chairs looked safe enough to hold me standing on it.
4. I didn’t feel like climbing somebody else’s chair ;)

I took it a week ago. It’s not my child. It just makes me feel good.

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