Monday, 16 July 2012

Summer holidays - preparations

We're leaving this Friday. For two weeks. Where two? Huh, that's a good question. All I know right now is that first we're going to my grandmum's to Gniezno (Poland's first capital city) for two nights and on Sunday we're driving to Dresden where we'll be spending another night. Then we're visiting the city and we're going... No idea right now.

Maybe you've got some ideas for me? Where to go? What to see?

We're going with our three-year-old and with my husband's parents. We'll be sleeping in tents. We're roughly planning to visit some of Germany and Austria. Maybe Italy? We'll probably see on the way. The weather seems to be an issue. I still have to check what the weather's like around Munich and Innsbruck (for a start). If it's in any way similar to Polish weather these days, then we're screwed. Hopefully it's much better, with no storms, no rainfall, no strong winds. Just summer sun and high temperatures. Dreaming - always a good thing to do ;)

I've already made a list of things that we should take with ourselves. It's not complete yet (I've just come up with three more things to add to that list), but it's a must for me so that I don't forget anything. I know I can always buy stuff if we miss something, but I'd rather spend money on something else. After all we're going by car so we wouldn't have to carry anything ourselves.

Hopefully there are still more posts coming this week. Sorry for the long pause last week though. That's just what happens sometimes. Once again, the weather makes me feel so sleepy and so not-eager-to-do-anything these days... Hopefully it's going to change.

Have a wonderful week!

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