Monday, 9 July 2012

Weekend in Leba - how it all started

Welcome on this beautiful Monday afternoon! Another work week is ahead of us (well, kind of. It’s started already, one day off). Then there’s yet another one and we’re off for holidays. Can’t wait!

It’s been over two months since I mentioned Leba for the first time. And over a month since we got back from our weekend there. It’s high time to write at least a few words about that trip, isn’t it? I think so. So here it is.

It all started with my coming back home from work. I travel about 30 km one way every day. You might say it’s not much. It all depends on the country, a city and specifics of a given region. And the route that you have to work. My commute takes me about 35 minutes in the morning and about an hour in the afternoon. But that’s only because of the early hours that I start and finish my job. Otherwise it would have taken much, much longer. (My husband travels about the same distance every day and that usually takes him up to 30 minutes each way…). There are two routes (roughly) that I can choose from on the way to and from work. In the morning it’s always the same. It the afternoon it all depends on the exact time when I leave work. I can either go directly through the cities (or city, as you don’t feel when you leave one and enter the other one) or through one of the most crowded ways in Gdansk right to the express way (considering there’s no accident there) and then straight home. And as the second route is much faster and much more convenient for me, when it’s crowded there’s no way out (while when you go through the city you can always find another way). My friend at work has always been telling me go through the express way, it’s much faster. So I took her advice. The first time I got totally stuck right at the beginning of the route when there was already no turning back. The second time I did the same. Horrible, right? And she kept saying that when she goes there, the way is always clear. So she recommended turning on the radio, Radio Gdansk, as there’s always information about traffic jams in TriCity every half an hour. I was thinking it over and over again for a long time. Even when I started driving home, I didn’t know which way to choose. But I heard a guy on the radio talking something about Kashuby and sending a text message and the phone number. That’s all I heard and understood absolutely nothing. However, as we’ve just got back from our week-long-weekend in Kashuby a couple of days before, I was all so inspired with what we saw there, that I sent a message. Just that. I wrote something like this:

Kashuby for the green forests and fields, for singing birds and colourful butterflies, for the azure of the lakes, for the friendly residents, for the local culture and traditions – I recommend.

I can’t remember exactly, but that’s the idea. I chose the second route. No jams on the way – yay! (Since then I almost always choose the second route. Not connected with the sms contest, though. It’s simply much faster most of the time). But the closer to my kid’s nursery I was getting, the more information I got about the radio contest. Yup it was a contest. So we were to write (and send, of course) a text message starting with the word Kashuby (pure luck in my case, just suited my string of thoughts) and enhancing people to visit Leba and the surroundings (where I’d never been before at the time of writing that message). Anyhow, I was so happy that I could share my joy concerning Kashuby, that I didn’t care. My point wasn’t winning the contest. But when we were driving from the nursery back home, someone called me. I thought that was about our furniture that we ordered and were waiting for. But that was a nice gentleman informing me that I won a weekend in Leba. I had no idea if I was more disappointed with the fact that it wasn’t about the furniture (I was really waiting for it!) or happy with the fact that we’re going to Leba for a weekend. Seriously.

I got back home. Already realizing that I’m more happy than disappointed. And called my husband. Or messaged him, can’t remember which way it was. I just asked him how ‘bout going to Leba for a weekend and not just for one day (which we planned to do in June anyhow). I have no idea if he thought that it was another of my “brilliant-spur-of-the-moment” ideas (that are hardly ever put into practice) or just me making fun of him (playing on his nerves, making jokes, etc). I think he didn’t believe me at first. But he sure was happy to go there with us.

To be continued…

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