Tuesday, 5 June 2012

We're already back... Leba!

Another work week has started and I don’t even know when. Time is flying sooo fast. I’ve got so many things to do, so many plans, so many things on my mind that I don’t know when one day is finishing and another is starting.I know I've been quiet for some time now. That time that is flying soo fast.

Not that long ago I’ve been preparing myself for Leba, getting ready, longing to go there, feeling that it’s still soo distant. And now we’re already back! Can’t be! And yet it’s true.

I must say that it was fantastic! It was sooo cold and sooo windy. Definitely not what one could expect from the first weekend of June. But still we managed to have a lot of fun. After all it’s all about the atmosphere, not about the weather, right? We saw some stuff, left other for the future. It has been our first visit to Leba, definitely not the last one. We both want to get back there some day. And we’re going to get back there this summer for sure.

I’m going to describe Leba later on, when I manage to browse through all the pictures I took there and choose some to show you. Now I can only say that Leba is a great place to spend time with children. Lots of facilities, lots of places where your children can have fun (on such a small piece of land that Leba occupies). Plus there are really loads of bike roads and routes there. Don’t think too much, just grab a bike (either your own or rent a bike in one of many bike rentals) and go see the marvelous nature views that Leba has to offer. Or simply walk all around it, if you’re more a walking than cycling kind of person. A perfect place for that as well!

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