Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bring me summer!

Do you remember my „bring me spring” incantation? It seemed to have worked. Now it’s probably high time to introduce my “bring me summer” incantation… Summer, where are you? I agree that we had a few warm, sunny days. That was great. More late-spring-like, but pleasant. Now we have autumn already. I don’t know, maybe I was sleeping waaaaay too long. Maybe I simply missed summer altogether. That seems quite right when I look out the window. And then I look at the calendar. No matter what I’m trying to do, it’s still showing June, 26th. So I look out the window again. A total clash.

Plus 13?! Are you freaking kidding me? Grey clouds all over the sky?! Rain pouring down all day long?! I agree, plants need water. And on one hand it’s great that I don’t have to water the plants and they can grow easily. Grass is green and not brown and burnt from the sun. That’s all true. But enough is enough! Plants need sun as well! And when it comes to water, I can water them myself. But when it comes to sun… What am I to do? Get a bulb and sit in the garden providing light for the plants? That’s so not going to work!

That’s why I’m giving you these pictures. They weren’t taken last year but his year. In May! If we want to go to the beach, we usually go to Rewa. It’s much less crowded than city beach in Gdynia and the distance from our home is pretty much the same. Plus it has a great view of the Hel Peninsula. It was May so it was low season. Just a few other people with us. Pale sand and really cold water with warm sun for contrast. A wonderful doing-nothing-just-enjoying-oneself. A perfect Sunday.

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