Monday, 18 June 2012

Getting older

Welcome on my Birthday, everyone! Yup, I’m one year older. I can’t believe it’s already my birthday! And I still haven’t managed to show you my gift that I got from my lil’ brother and his wife for my name’s day (yup, that’s something we celebrate in Poland – every occasion is good for a bit o’celebration).

Something like a week before my name’s day I was browsing the Internet looking for nothing in particular. And I came across a photo gallery of mugs. Strange mugs. And it was brilliant. One of them was particularly interesting for me and I thought it would be sooo perfect to have one of these! Of course, I told no one how much I wanted such a mug. Especially because I thought that it would probably be impossible or really hard to get in Poland.

Much to my surprise I got one of these mugs from my brother and his wife! I love it sooo much! And here it is :)

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