Friday, 22 June 2012

Last weekend vs this weekend

Last weekend was so busy and full of new experiences.

On Friday we went to a casino. For the first time. It was so much fun! I loved it. Of course, we didn’t go there to play for money. We went there to see what it’s like. But we got a chance to learn to play blackjack for free. So it was pretty cool.

On Saturday me and my mum went to Euro 2012 Gdansk Fan Zone. For the Czech Republic vs Poland game. There were sooo many people there, I couldn’t imagine. But the atmosphere, the cheering, the singing, the shouting – absolutely indescribable. I’m glad I went there, I’m glad I experienced that, I’ll probably never go again. Never say never, I know. But I’m not a football fan, I just wanted to know what it’s like in the Fan Zone during a game like this. Now I know. It was amazing!

And Sunday, day of rest. Or of family gatherings. This time at my husband’s grandparents’ house. Warm, sunny.

Today it’s raining all day. And if there’s a moment of no rain, the sky is still all covered in gray and ugly clouds. Sometimes clouds can be so beautiful, even when you’re about to go out and it’s about to start raining heavily – I can appreciate their beauty, the kind of shape-colour game. This time it’s nothing like that. It’s simply ugly. But we’re going to visit our friends tonight. So I’m hoping for a lot of fun and laughter!

And tomorrow we are to have a bonfire. Afterall, Saint John’s coming! But with this weather? Well, we’ll see.

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