Monday, 11 June 2012

And we're back... again

And we’re back once again. I kinda feel that recently I’m always either off or back. Off to work – back home during the work week. And off for a trip and back home on weekends. I love it, but I’m getting a bit tired, I must say. Well, I’m longing for a peaceful and quiet day spent preferably in our garden, enjoying ourselves. That’s why it’s enough for longer distance trips for now. I don’t mean trips at all. Just longer distance – like four hours with a three-year-old on board. But it was great! Our kiddo was great on the ride, sleeping most of the time or enjoying the views. It really makes me feel positive of the road trip we’re planning for the summer. And we’re planning on preparing more attractions for the ride itself for him. So that is great! I was really scared that he might get totally bored with the ride sooo quickly that we wouldn’t be able to continue the ride. That’s what he was like when he was younger. I was sitting with him on the back seat entertaining him in every possible way. And by every I mean EVERY! And this time I decided to sit in the front seat from the start. To our astonishment Artus fell asleep right away. Both ways. Just that on the way to Poznan he woke up after two hours and spent the rest of the ride enjoying the views. And on the way back he woke up already in Gdynia. I have to admit that I needed that to calm down about the summer drive with him. And so I have. At least for now…

I must say I still feel like at home when I’m in Poznan. And the weather was really great. Warm. Lots of sun. Hardly any rain. It was cloudy at times, but sunny at the same time. Perfect for sightseeing. After the five years I spent in the city a couple of years ago it was high time for a bit of sightseeing! 

I’ve been to the zoo before. Just before our wedding. But back then half of it was closed as they were building the elephant house. I’ve seen the old town soooo many times, it’s totally impossible to omit it. Most of the nightlife takes place in or around the old town. So on one hand most of the stuff we saw wasn’t new to me. Yet I was looking at them in a totally different way, from a completely different angle. Appreciating them. Trying to take in as much as possible. Breathing in the air, spotting the colours and shapes. Discovering the city once again. A bit from a child’s perspective. A bit from a mother’s perspective. A bit from an adult’s perspective. A totally new experience!

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