About Me

Welcome to my blog. I’m Joanna and I’m Polish. I’ve always loved travelling. It’s my parents who passed this passion on me. They were born and brought up in socialist (or communist, as called by some) Poland with little travel possibilities. Well, they could travel to other communist states eventually, but that was it. And that really wasn’t much, even though these states are pretty and are being now discovered by western countries.

My name in Polish language can be “shortened” to or nick-named as Asia. Well, it’s not pronounced like English word Asia (the continent), but it perfectly suits my passion (for discovering new lands).

We started travelling with my parents quite soon after the whole “peaceful revolution” in the Eastern Europe. Poland became democratic (still does, really, cause the transformation is still in progress according to many), USSR collapsed. It was in year 1994 or 1995 when our parents took us (me and my little brother) to the Czech Republic and Hungary. And that’s how it all started. In the meantime, we were visiting Polish sites. Just to make sure we know our own country as well. I was 11 when I went to the UK without my parents for two weeks with total strangers. By bus. It was a school (not mine)/travel agency trip. Combined. It was awesome. That was when I knew it I want to continue it. Even though I couldn’t eat for the whole two weeks (motion sickness – I couldn’t travel by car, bus or by ferries for many years without pills, and sometimes even with pills), I had the time of my life meeting new people, seeing new places.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been travelling with my (currently) husband. It’s our common passion really. His parents, just like mine, started travelling right when the opportunity arrived. Now we’re going to pass the passion on to our children.

The information posted on this blog is not going to be chronological at all, probably. But in a way, it’s going to let me organise what we’ve already seen, where we’ve already been, what we’re planning on seeing in the nearest future and in the further one as well.

Bon voyage, everyone!