Tuesday, 8 May 2012

We're going to Łeba!

I have a need to share my happiness with everyone! Or brag, as my husband called it. Either way, I won a weekend in Leba, Kashuby, Poland today! :) I hardly know anything else. I'm getting more details tomorrow, hopefully. But I'm sooo happy! I was planning to go there this June anyhow, but just for a one-day-trip. You know, a lot of hassle and stuff. I have simply never been there and it's supposed to be pretty. And it's quite close to where we live. At the seacoast. Dunes and beaches. A lake nearby. A dinosaur park (that's for our boy). I was really waiting for it. And now we can go there for the whole weekend! Can't wait for the details tomorrow! Thank you, Radio Gdańsk!

Have a nice evening, everyone!

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