Sunday, 13 May 2012

On our way to Wiezyca viewpoint

Continuing the subject of Kashuby (which is wonderfully prolonged by the totally unexpected weekend to come in Leba!), I’ll try and give you some details of what we saw and where we were during our short holidays in Kniewo.

The first afternoon that our friends, Gosia and Roger, came to us, we decided to go to Wiezyca. I have mentioned once that we went there with my husband to check out what it looks like, whether it’s fine to go there with a three-year-old, but we didn’t climb the tower. Didn’t reach the viewpoint, that is. This time we knew where we were going and we were determined to climb all those stairs. And so we did.

The tower is ca 35 metres high. It moves when the wind is blowing. Freaky. Scary. But kinda nice experience at the same time. I know that happens to some high buildings and all, but when I looked at the construction of the tower… Well, wasn’t soothing, wasn’t making me feel safe. No, definitely not.

There are three floors on the tower. Like three terraces from which you can watch the neighbourhood. The first one is quite low and the view is overshadowed by the trees. Well, they are colourful and stuff, especially at this time of year when some are only having their leaves (bright, bright green) and some are already dark green. But that’s what you can see on your way from the parking spot to the tower as well. Not what you’re climbing the tower for.
The next floor gives you some view already. It’s above the treeline.

But it’s the highest floor that gives you not only the views but also a bit higher adrenaline level due to all the movement.  It’s peaceful. It’s calming. It’s green. There’s no big city that you can see from up there. Mainly forests, fields and some villages with a few houses each.

When we went there in March and I saw that cross next to the tower, I thought it reminded me of a huge spider or some kind of robot that is attacking the Earth in American movies. I thought also that my impression could change when the surrounding area changed in the spring. And you know what? The surrounding area did change in the spring. Instead of being brownish it became totally green and yellow. However, my impression remained the same. I started looking around to find that spider’s net. Kiddin’. But I still feel the same about that cross. Well, not about the cross so much as about the thing it’s situated on.

 The tower (aka the viewpoint) and the scary cross/spider/robot combo
 The view from the tower
 Various shades of green
 Me being in the picture and not taking the picture ;)

 Somebody got really tired from all the running, stairs-climbing, laughing... And that someone wasn't me...

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