Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Roadtrip?? Yay!!

It’s been a really busy and active weekend for us. Our son is in Egypt, so we had a chance to visit places that, according to us, are not suitable for children. At least for children of his age.

Saturday morning. So quiet (apart from a cat meowing very loudly because he wanted to go out), so peaceful, so… strange. Nobody running to our bed to giggle a bit and to watch a cartoon. Nobody laughing loudly and demanding breakfast. Nobody waking us up. That was freakishly strange. But pleasant as well. Different. Nice.

I was planning to go to Gdansk for the celebrations of St Patrick’s and the Kashubian people. But with the sun shining so beautifully and the temperature rising so quickly, we though “how about a roadtrip?”. Not thinking for too long and not preparing at all, we packed our camera, a snack and something to drink and off we went. Where to? Somewhere! That was the idea. We knew there are some tourist spots around Tricity that we’ve never been to. Spots that are unknown to most people just because they’re somewhere off the beaten track. Literally. Somewhere in the forests. We wanted to explore these. That was the general idea. The Master Plan. Soon after we left, however, we had to resign from the master plan and satisfy ourselves with plan B. Why? Because we couldn’t find the spots we were looking for! Well, we found one but that was neither one of the spots we were looking for, nor was it in any sense interesting. I know, shame on us. We must have chosen the wrong route or something. But! Plan B turned out to be brilliant in its simple form. Yay!

We have a long weekend in Poland right at the beginning of May. This year, so it happens, that it’s practically a week off. We are planning to spend this weekend in Kashuby region. Lots of lakes, forests, fields and meadows. A small summer cottage in the forest by the lake. That’s where we’re going to stay. Hopefully, the weather is going to be nice. We’ve been to that place so many times, but we’ve never really visited its neighbourhood. We knew, of course, that in Szymbark there’s a Centre for Regional Education and Promotion (CEPR), but somehow we never had enough time to go there. And the viewpoint on Wieżyca… Although I’ve decided that it’s high time to visit these places I somehow felt that taking a three-year-old with us might not be the smartest idea. I must admit that I was partly right.

Continuing my climbing stories… ;) Yup, we’re not in the mountains this time, and yet we’re going to keep climbing. Well, this time climbing is seriously too big a word, however try telling it to my legs! I know we’ve been walking a hell lot this weekend but do they really have to ache so badly? Nevermind…

We decided that we’re going to Wieżyca first. Not the village, though. The hill. Although the visibility was quite poor, we wanted to check whether we’d be able to come back there some other time with our son. I’ve never been there before and my husband totally couldn’t remember what that path looks like. But I must admit that it’s quite easy. Not steep at all and not long. At the end of the path there’s a high tower (the viewpoint) from which you can observe the neighbourhood (we skipped that because of the poor visibility). However, we’ll come back probably in May with our lil’ boy. In order to climb the tower you have to pay, if I remember correctly, 5 PLN for a regular ticket and 3,50 PLN for a “half-price”.

That’s a safe place to walk with kids. Middle of a forest, no steep hills, no cliffs, some trees fallen on the way – all the more fun for our active kiddo ;) And climbing the tower would probably be a cherry on the cake. So a great idea for the May longish weekend ;)

From Wieżyca we headed straight to Szymbark, to CEPR. They’re really close one next to another. But I’ll describe that one another time. Cause it’s really a lot to describe. And how was your spring, sunny, warm weekend? :) 

 See the head of that teeeny tiny mouse in the middle?
 The footage of that cross reminds me of a giant spider...

 John Paul II's viewpoint tower
 A bit of snow still on the track

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