Monday, 2 April 2012

A little bit of winter in the spring? Flying with a kid?

Another weekend has gone by. Time keeps flying so fast that I can’t keep up with it. We’ve got Easter in less than a week! And my son’s birthday on Saturday, although we’re celebrating it on Sunday. An Easter-birthday combo. I’m going to write a few words about that after Easter, however.

You know how I’m longing for spring, right?? Mentioning it in almost every single post I publish. Well, last weekend was devastating to me. Snow everywhere! It was snowing and raining and the sun was shining. Everything’s so totally mixed up! Where is my beloved spring?? I have pretty pretty new trousers and pretty pretty new shoes that I’d love to wear sooo much but it’s too cold for these. Well, hopefully summer’s going to be nice. Has to! We’ve got camping planned. Yup, our lil’ boy wants to go camping so badly that we’ve decided to take him. Well, what can we do? ;) I know we’re gonna have fun as well. Europe, beware! You still have some time to prepare for our invasion.

When Arturek got back from Egypt people kept asking me how he managed to handle the flight itself. I must admit I was worrying about that as well.  First, the plane gets really loud on the departure and Tusko is afraid of loud noises. Second, I was wondering how fast he’s going to get bored on the plane. And third, they were getting back home ridiculously early in the morning. Yup, I’m a mum, I’m allowed to worry a lot more than a normal, rational person would. Apparently, everything was fine. My parents totally prepared him for the noises (he keeps describing what a fun it was to fly a plane). On the plane he was playing with his little cars (matchbox, hot wheels or siku, I never know which company makes which) treating the “route lines” (or how to call them, the lines showing the alleys on the plane that are lit during the flight) as streets for the cars. And it’s no problem for a three-year-old to play with a car at the airport at three am! And then fall asleep on the plane itself. Yup, I was worrying way too much.
However, come to think of it, it wasn’t Arturek’s first flight. Almost three years ago, when he was just 3 months old, we decided to go to Greece for a week. You know, a week away. To change the place, the situation, the climate. To rest. People were thinking we were mad to take such a young child with us. But you know what I think? It’s much easier to travel with a 3-month-old than with a 3-year-old. A baby sleeps most of the time. And the moment of departing, to keep the child salivating and swallowing, I was simply breastfeeding. Easy? Totally! You can always take water, milk, tea in a bottle if you’re not breastfeeding or don’t feel comfortable to do it on a plane. Painfully easy. And a 3-year-old? Especially one that can’t sit in a place and get interested in something for a longer period of time? Sucks. Probably, as we haven’t tried it yet. You have to prepare yourself for a lot of thinking and game inventing to do. That’s what I would have done. But observing people flying with kids – it doesn’t seem to be that obvious… I can’t blame the kids for being impatient and tired. I am one as well. How many hours can you sit in place and basically do nothing? Well, I can’t do it for too long. And reading, doing puzzles or listening to music for longer ain’t an option for me! I fall asleep immediately, but only for really short, then I get even more uncomfortable and more irritated. And yet, at the same time, I love flying! What a weirdo, right? Right!

And now it’s time to write “two or three words” about our short Greece-trip. You can expect that next time.

A few wintery spring pictures (there was much more snow in the Kashuby region but I forgot to take my camera with me on Sunday. Well, frankly speaking, I didn't forget. I simply didn't know we were going there! These are just a few pics take on Saturay around noon):

 My car covered in snow, poor little babe...

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