Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Arturek turns 3

Ok. So Easter is over. And I’m back at work. Luckily, it’s only four days this week. That will let me get started slowly, steadily. Then another two weeks at work and a whole week off! A week that we’re going to spend exploring Kaszuby. Hopefully, the weather’s gonna let us do it. We don’t want to freeze there.

My baby boy (yup, I still like to think of him as a baby from time to time) is already three years old! Such a big boy! And it still feels like yesterday that we were getting ready to welcome him in our lives…

This year, for the first time, we decided to introduce a kind of “theme” in our boy’s birthday. Well, the main theme kinda let itself in without our outspoken permission – Easter that is. So there wasn’t much room for maneuver - Easter breakfast, Easter bunny hunting, then finally Bday cake. Howeveer, we made the invitations and ordered a birthday cake (yup, ordered, I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to make it myself with all the Easter preparations) with the same picture on them. Choosing the picture, though, was no easy job. First, for a really long time, the answer for the question “whom do you want on your bday cake?” was the same every time – “Peppa!”. Fine. I accepted it. Even though I had an idea of creating a special cake for him (I still have the sketches hidden maybe I’ll use ‘em some other time), I had to go with his guts. After all, it’s his bday, not mine, and his dreams, not mine. I adjusted my ideas to his, came up with a different project and headed off to one of the cake-making places to browse through the projects they offer. And that was when my son came across a cake of his dreams from then on. A cake in the shape of Donald Duck’s head! Much closer to my initial idea. However, because it’s Easter and all, they couldn’t guarantee they’d be able to make this cake for us. I thought – fine. I have to do everything I can to satisfy my kid. I had to adjust my vision of his bday yet another time. So I started working, thinking, coming up with solutions.

We got back home, I took all the books starring Donald Duck I could find and asked my boy which drawing he wants on his invitations. Much to my surprise, being a kid fascinated with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he chose a picture from this book , published in Poland in 1994, when I was 10. I honestly loved this book, kept reading it for a long time. And totally forgot about it! Luckily my mom keeps all our childhood books so that now I can read them to my son. Apparently it’s time for Disney Babies Bedtime Stories.

And that’s what the invites looked like (I had to make eleven of them). Made with pencils, coloured pencils and black gel pen. The word zaproszenie means invitation.

And this is what the cake looked like:

It was made by kolorowy tort. Flavour – chocolate. DELICIOUS! Really light, not too sweet, simply great. I loved it.

And now I can’t wait to use my initial-idea-project some time in the future! Maybe not for my kid, but who knows. Maybe he’ll change his mind till next year :)

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