Friday, 6 April 2012

Greek Islands - hopefully part 1 ;)

Greece. I know they have huge economic and social problems right now, protests, reforms, debts, etc. But they’re not the only ones. And it’s not Greece that I managed to touch a bit three years ago.

Three years ago we went to Greece with a tiny baby. We spent a week in the Olympian Riviera, enjoying ourselves and relaxing a lot, which I tried to describe a bit here.

I’ve already mentioned that we went on two trips when in Greece. One was to Dion (generally speaking). How about the other one? Well, the other one was totally different. Much more relaxing and laid-back. Much more summer-like. Much better for a trip with a baby!

It was a cruise to Skiathos. Skiathos one of the islands of Sporades Islands. So totally different from the mainland. White houses with orange roofs. Clear water. Lots of pine trees. So many different beaches. And by different I mean really different. Especially in sand colour and water colour. Sand can be either yellow with bits of gold (silica effect), or almost white, or grey. Or there can be rocks instead of sand. And water… From almost white to dark green. Indescribable. Marvellous.

The ferry to Skiathos left from a small harbour of Achillio near Volos and took some time to get to the island. We had a lot of fun on the way though. Captain Costas is a real treat. Let’s just say that music, dancing and metaxa were involved ;) Unfortunately I couldn’t drink because I was breastfeeding but I could dance and sing and have fun! Which I did. For some time our lil’ boy was also involved in the madness and then, when he got totally tired, we put him to sleep on one of the benches inside and one of us was watching him all the time. In turns, of course.

When we got to Skiathos and left the ferry for a bit, we were walking around the town and ate lunch in one of many restaurants or tavernas there. Then we hopped on the ferry again and off we went towards one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen – Koukounaries. It’s a beach under a sort of umbrella of pine trees. The sand is full of silica which shines in the sun creating the impression that there are bits and pieces of gold in the sand (and in water as well). Really amazing. And the water is sooo warm. Of course, we did bathe in it. All three of us.

I love the smell of the pine trees. And I really enjoyed the trip to Skiathos. Well, the whole trip to Greece was amazing. We’re getting back there one day. To visit the main tourist spots. And to relax. We know already we can do it there. And I want to visit Santorini one day. That’s a must! 

 Captain Costas and metaxa! Party time!
 Here's where they filmed the beginning of 'Mamma Mia'!
 The viewpoint

 The colours...

 Koukounaries beach

 A boat on a boat

 Sunset on the way back to Achillios


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