Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Making winter go away by thinking of summer days

It was only plus one Celsius degrees when I was going to work this morning. Winter, winter, go away as quickly as possible. Dear summer, I'm still waiting for you and I wish sooo much you could be here already.

Summer, summer. Long and warm. Very much anticipated, and very much missed. So today I'm going to get back to some of my summer stories.

So it happens that quite often places that I'd love to see and I'd consider interesting turn out to be totally boring. Or the other way round - places that I'd never choose to visit voluntarily turn out to be totally awesome. And then I'm grateful to those that convinced me to visit them.

And it's one of the places I'd probably never visit if that was for me to choose. Just to make myself clear - not because I wouldn't expect it to be great. It's just because I have never heard of it. Not until I heard about a road trip at work. Long time ago, but it's still worth mentioning. Where to? The South Lakeland district of Cumbria, England. Marvellous place. Picturesque. Hills, lakes, meadows, sheep, little villages, quietness, little towns. We stayed in Ulverston for a week visiting the neighbouring villages and towns. We also visited Barrow-in-Furness, the largest of the towns in Cumbria. So much different from all the other villages and towns around. And so much different from all the other places we've visited in England or elsewhere in Europe. My idea of a little alone place, a place where I could re-charge batteries, where I could relax. Perfectly, just grab a book, sit on a hill and devote myself totally to reading. As simple as that.

Although Ulverston welcomed us with great, sunny, warm weather, it soon became typically English - raining most of the time. Nevertheless, that was the place where we made the most important decisions during our visit to England. And that is the place that, despite all the difficulties that I'd probably never forget, I will always think of in the best possible way!

That area was a visualisation of my idea of English village. All those sheep walking round. The meadows. The hills. The little stone fences. The fields of green grass. The stones. The cottages and houses... I'm seriously smiling when I'm writing it. Daydreaming, really. And that makes me feel really great...

Have a nice evening!

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