Friday, 29 June 2012

Saying goodbye to Euro 2012 Champs in Poland

I didn’t want to write about Euro 2012 at all. I have already mentioned that I’m not a football fan. Volleyball – yes. Football – no. And I probably wouldn’t have been writing about it, hadn’t it been taking place in Poland and in Gdansk in particular. I must admit that I don’t watch the matches. They finish too late for me and they’re too boring to watch. Sorry, all football fans, that’s just the way it is for me. I’d much rather play football (which I used to do) than watch football.

Yet I have to admit, that I know the scores. I have no idea about the teams, which one is really good, which one is the current world champs or still current Euro champs. No idea about that. However, I know the scores of each single game. Well, I can’t remember all of the scores (probably the majority though, I have pretty good memory), but it’s impossible not to know them. Euro is everywhere! Radio, television, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, conversations at work… It’s impossible to miss.

That is why ever since the quarterfinals I wished that Spain and Italy would play in the final game. And guess what? They will! Why did I want them to play together? Here’s why.

Once again, I have no idea about the teams. Not to mention the names of the players, except for the few most mentioned in mass media. I have no idea why everyone is so fascinated with Ronaldo (I simply can’t stand looking at the guy. What’s the fuss all about? I haven’t seen him play though ;)). I don’t know anything about the statistics. However, I wanted the Italian-Spanish finale just for their fans and for the atmosphere they created in Gdansk after their game.

I mean, fan-wise the best finale would have been Spain vs. Ireland, but we know that’s not going to happen. Irish have the best football fans there probably are! The Irish-Spanish fiesta after their game in Gdansk was amazing! Unfortunately, the Irish don’t have the team that could last longer in the tournament. But the fans didn’t care. They were simply having fun. And once again, the best atmosphere, the best fiesta, the most singing, drinking and partying was after the Spain-Ireland match in Gdansk. I must say that what they created was so worth seeing and remembering. And made me want to visit Ireland as soon as possible. (I have been to Spain already and have spent a semester in Finland once with a bunch of Spanish people so I knew what to expect of them).

Euro 2012 is almost over. It is over in Poland already, after yesterday’s semi-final. We still have the finale in Kiev on Sunday. Will I miss Euro 2012? Yes and no. The atmosphere – definitely yes. The multicultural and colourful crowd – definitely yes. The traffic jams – no. Being bombarded with news about Euro 2012 from everywhere – definitely no. Was it worth it? Yes. I’m really proud that we were hosting the tournament. In my opinion it went pretty well. And I even went to the fan zone once! ;)

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