Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bye, holidays! Campsites in Germany

It's going to be the last bit on our summer trip, I promise. High time, considering all the other places I still want to tell you about. Some of the stories are still from before our holidays.

Some of you are probably going to ask - what else can she still write about? That's true. I did write about everything I wanted to. Almost. And that almost gives me the right to write this last post.

Again - what about? I already wrote about the places we saw: Dresden, Bastei, Rothenburg, Berchtesgadener Land, Cochem, Burg Eltz, Thale. I also wrote about the more fun places we got to see, i.e. Muenstersee and Autobahnsee. What I haven't mentioned yet, though, are the places we stayed at. Meaning - campsites.

And this post is a tribute to all the campsites we visited during our Germany trip.

The first night we spent in Dresden - Campingplatz Dresden Mockritz. The campsite didn't make an impression of being a big one, which was good. The toilettes and shower rooms were clean and tidy. The playground was sandy and rather safe. But the main attraction there (the slides and stuff) were for older kids. Or taller, as Artur had problems climbing up (couldn't reach the lowest step on his own). It's a good campsite for... caravans though. The place where we could set up our tent was... a small grassy place (just find yourselves a place there). A huge minus - we had to leave our cars on a parking spot and carry all our stuff to the tent area. Maybe it wasn't too far, but navigating between other tents when you can hardly see anything and have to do it a multiple number of times - not what I consider to be fun. But still, it was Dresden. And we didn't have much choice.

The second campsite we visited was Camping Sachsische Schweiz - Entenfarm Hohnstein. That place was closest to Bastei that we could find that still had free spots. And lots of them. We were searching and searching and were happy to find any place. The were lots of free spots that we could choose from. It was located high on a hill, was peaceful and quiet. Far from civilisation - or that's what I felt like. The toilettes and shower rooms again were clean and tidy but you had to remember to have a special card with you to get inside. Other than that (especially when your child starts saying that he wants to get to the toilette and you only think of getting him there, not of taking that card with you), it was great. The playground was hardly existent, though. Just a slide and a swing. And in a shaded, chilly place, which in the evening was even too cold. We didn't spend much time there.

There were two other campsites in the area, that were unfortunately full. The first one was in Konigstein, right by the Elbe River. A perfect spot and a really picturesque place.

Another campsite was near (and by near I mean 18 km away) Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Camping Romantische Strasse. That is the place that I already somehow mentioned here. The spots for tents were quite big. We had a small toilette right near our end the the campsite that wasn't too perfect, but there was a nice toilette and shower room building near the reception (not far either). The campsite had a swimming pool, a playground and all other facilities, but we spent most of our free time by the lake. What can I say... it was simply great. A perfect place for holidays with kids! The campsite was shadowed, but with some sun as well. It was safe, quite quiet. I loved the place very much.

Then we headed off to southern parts of Bavaria. We were trying to find a campsite as close to Konigssee as it was possible. And we found two in the area that got our interest. The first place that we visited was Camping Grafenlehen. Right by the river that we could hear vividly (at the water had its speed, let me tell ya). Plus, the tent spots that they showed us were full of water. We could see people sleeping in tents drying their clothes and sleeping bags. And it wasn't raining! So we left that place and found Camping Muehlleiten. Right by the main street, so it was a bit loud with the cars passing by almost all the time. But it was possible to stand it. With a delicious restaurant right opposite and a fish restaurant right next to it. And those views of the Alps. Plus it had a small but quite well equipped playground.

We also spent one of the nights right by the highway. Caravaning Park right by the Autobahnsee. Don't even try to ask me what facilities there were on the campsite as such (apart from the toilettes and washrooms) as we spent the whole afternoon/evening time we had by the lake. Great lake, warm water and a fantastic playground! We couldn't hear the cars from the highway as the tent area was as distant from the highway as it was possible.

Another place. Campingplatz Cochem. Right by the Moselle River. A good playground, a very cold night, though (not their fault). All the facilities right next to us. The tent spots were quite big (or big enough) and, as in most places, we could have our car with us.

We spent one night in a middle of nowhere. Camping in Eichenwald. The place felt like it was completely deserted. Just some kind of a youth camp was sleeping there too. I have no idea if there was anybody else there. But that's the place where we had that tiny Kinderschnitzel! The washrooms were probably the best of all. It was in a really warm building (it was freakishly cold that night as well), clean, tidy, no queues, almost nobody there. And there was a big playground. Not one of the newest, but definitely enough to keep a child occupied and interested for a longer time. 

Then we drove to the Harz Mountains to spend the night in the place full of witches. Klostercamping in Thale. It was a rather new place, with colourful bathrooms and a fun playground. Again, not a big one, but well thought through and well organised. Plus there were goats and hens right next to us and a small river somewhere around as well.

And the last camp site. Also by the lake. Parsteiner See Camping. I can't really specify why, but I didn't like that place. Maybe it had something to do with the bathrooms (that's not the standard that I got used to during the trip). Or maybe with something else. I don't know. It was situated right by the lake in which people were swimming (we didn't try that). There was some kind of playground there as well, but I didn't really pay too much attention to it. Maybe I was already tired with the whole trip and wanted to get home already as well? No idea.

These are purely my impressions and my feelings considering various campsites on the way.I know which places I can visit again and in which places I'm going to search for a better place to stay. Just a general idea... Nothing more.

And now... I have to say it, have to write it, have to do it. Goodbye my dear holidays. See you again soon in a different place!

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