Monday, 10 September 2012

Brilliant in their simplicity - a lake + a playground

During our summer trip, since we were travelling with a kid, we were not only looking for places that we wanted to see, but also searching for places that could be interesting for Artur. And entertaining a kid, making him interested with adult stuff is no easy thing to do. Luckily Artur was quite easy to please. If only he had another kid to play with on the way, we would have felt like we had no kid at all. Well, language barrier was a big issue here.

As our guidebook was a huge help in planning our itinerary, we were also keeping our eyes open on the way in case something interesting caught our attention. For things that could really make all of us happy, and especially the youngest one of us.

A must on or around every camp site was a playground. Obvious, isn't it? Luckily, most campsites do have playgrounds. Some better, some worse. Some can hardly be called playgrounds. But that was usually enough to keep Artur occupied and satisfied for some time (of course, under supervision all the time).

This time I'd love to mention to places that totally got us and were a huge fun both for us and for Artur (or should I put him first?). Both places constructed in the same way. They were not campsites or parts of them, but close enough so that we felt like we never left the campsite.

The first place was near Rothenburg, but already in Baden-Württemberg. And we only got there because all the campsites in Rothenburg were full. As soon as we found that place, we could say that luckily they were full. Freizeitgebiet Münsterseen it was called. And it was great. A water basin of some kind (or an artificial lake? No idea what I should call it, sorry), in which you could swim. Part of it was designated for non-swimmers and the rest was for swimmers. And there was a great playground there. A water park, as we called it. But so different from all the others we've seen so far. Simple and brilliant.

The other place was in Bavaria, right by the highway (Autobahn in German) near Augsburg. It was called Autobahnsee. Again, a lake plus a playground. Simple? Simple. Fun for kids and adults? Fun for kids and adults. Possible? Possible. It was great.

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