Friday, 28 September 2012

Sea Park - Sarbsk

Sea Park in Sarbsk is one of the places we got to visit thanks to my winning a weekend in Leba. We didn’t know what to expect, what to get ready for. We had no idea what it’s gonna look like.

We went there first in June on our way back from Leba. Unfortunately, the place was still closed (they didn’t make it with the grand opening). And even though they told us that there’s been info on their webpage on postponing the opening, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t. Not before we set off to Leba (which was Friday afternoon and we visited the place on Sunday). Of course we were totally disappointed (and angry, ekhem), but we decided to visit the place some other time (when we’re absolutely sure it’s been opened). After all, it’s just a one-hour drive.

That second trip to Sarbsk that we made in mid-July turned out to be a big success. The weather was stunning – really warm and sunny – and the place was pretty nice. Still under construction at parts (eg. the miniature section), not all living animals were there yet either, but it amazed us with some other things. The prehistoric aquarium was a blast (3D projections, but felt like a real aquarium), the figures of sea creatures were well made and the playground was colourful and diversified, even though not that big. The “seal show” (that’s the training that’s preparing the seals for medical treatments, examinations and similar, same as in Hel) was poor, though. But having seen the “Hel show” (where they got their first seal when I was still living there, so something like 20 years ago) makes me a bit biased and not objective at all. These seals were young, still getting acquainted with their human friends. The people were trying their best, but sometimes that’s all you can do. The seals didn’t want to cooperate at all. What I noticed was that there are only two shows a day in Hel and several in Sarbsk. Maybe that’s the reason? Or maybe it’s necessary with young seals? I have no idea, I’m not an expert, not trying to be. These were just my observations. Plus Hel is a scientific station (under the supervision of Polish Academy of Sciences – PAN), while Sarbsk is a commercial one. Does that make any difference? For sure in price. But there’s more than just seals in Sarbsk so that explains a lot.

I’ll probably have to go there once again to figure out whether with time anything’s changed, improved. And to see the animals that weren’t still there. Wanna join me/us next year? ;)

 Can you see that little frog in the picture? ;)
 Polish lighthouses
He wanted to take that one with him...

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