Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Poznan - Part I

When I’m in Poznan, I try to visit every place I loved so much when I was still living there, hoping that it hasn’t changed. Not in the physical, material sense. It might have developed, I don’t mind that at all. I hope it hasn’t changed in the sense that it still evokes the same feelings and emotions in me.

That is why the first place I wanted to see in Poznan was Cytadela (citadel). So many memories. So, so, so many. Dates, walks with friends, discussing our serious life problems, taking weird pictures, organizing snow fights (yeah, we were all over 18 then), simply having fun. Some good old times. And all that is still there. Right, Gosia vel Szymon? ;)

The other place is Malta Lake. Due to the distance that separated me from Malta (Cytadela was right next to my flat), Cytadela was usually the more obvious choice for a place to relax. But Malta was there, too. Sitting by the lake, reading books, chilling. Ice-skating on the rink right next to the lake on cold winter evenings. 

Stary i Nowy Browar. The Old and New Brewery. A shopping centre right next to both my unis. Yeah… The shopping and window shopping escapades. Then Półwiejska Street up towards the Old Market Square.

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