Friday, 12 October 2012

AEP - a reunion

When I go to Poznan, I try to visit the places I love. The first time we went there with our child, we took part in the Saint Martin Parade on Nov. 11. Artur was a year and a half back then (well, actually, it wasn't his first visit to Poznan, but I'm not treating them as such. I was still taking exams at IFa and he was... two months old). We also met with Ola and Beata then (both from IFA). This time it was time for AE reunion. Yes, AE, as it was still AE when we graduated.

We met at a playground. Us three, our guys and our kids. A total number of nine. Recalling old times, talking about the present and future a bit. The kids had a blast. We had a great time. And a great weather, although it was dark and the rain was threatening us. Then we packed our bags and drove back home. That was already the last day of our Poznan visit.

Once again, thanks Gosia for having us over. Both times. And just me the other one ;)
And Aga, thanks for finding the time to meet with us.

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