Thursday, 6 September 2012

Changes? No, it's just September

I'm back, hopefully. No, not from *a place*. Just from a galaxy far far away. I didn't feel like writing anything for the past few days. I'm trying to enjoy as much sunshine as I still can (the weather is spoiling us, as it's warm and sunny. Mostly). And the darkness in the evening comes already waaaaay too quickly. That's why I just feel like reading in the evenings. Reminds me of cold winter evenings when I crawl in my bed, warm and happy, and read a book. And as I still don't want winter to come, it feels like it's coming. Slowly, but still.

Arturek started his new kindergarden on Monday. We were wondering how he manages with the transition and all, but he keeps making a sad face every time I come to pick him up. No, not because I leave him (frankly speaking, it's my husband that leaves him there) or come too late. No. He makes a sad face cause I come too early and he still wants to play. That's a great ad for a place, right?

I'm in a cooking mood yet again. Comes and goes. But comes way more often in the winter time (another sign of upcoming winter and long, dark evenings?). I love cooking in the dim light, when it's dark and cold outside (preferably snowy as well). And I'm at home, in my warm kitchen, making something delicious to eat. It's quiet all around me. Ok, enough. It makes me hungry. And makes me think of pumpkins (which are growing great, by the way).

My parents are in China. Sightseeing, not working. Jealous, right? Well, have to live with it. They're coming back in ten days. I can't wait for all the pictures and stories they're gonna show and tell. What a shock, I love watching pics ;)

I have tons of stories to tell you about, still. And I hope that now, with new energy (where from?) I'll be able to start (or finish, still have two posts in mind on our summer trip) writing them. Keep your fingers crossed.

And I have to remember that we still have summer and stop thinking of winter! And there's always lovely autumn in between! Sigh. Write you soon!

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