Friday, 17 June 2016

Not really lost... but found...?

Have you ever experienced a situation when you take out of a closet something you haven't worn for a while and you find long forgotten money in the pocket? That feeling of happiness, excitement, astonishment... I think you get what I mean.

Well, maybe not exactly.

Now imagine this.

Long time ago, as compared to his age of 7, my son got a camera. A simple digital camera for him to take pictures during his trips. Or during family events. Or in every situation he might like to take pictures. Anyhow, he got a camera. He has not been using it much. But there were occassions when he was taking pictures. Most of them are either blurred or shaken. You know, a kid too impatient to wait for the flash starts moving his hands before the picture is taken. Or something.

We were celebrating our daughter's  birthday on the weekend. And Artur wanted to take pictures of everyone and everything. He brought his camera that he hasn't used for a while. And started taking pictures.

On Sunday evening I decided to download the pictures from his camera. Much to my astonishment, I found pictures from our trip to Paris two years ago! And then from Rome (where he went with my parents almost two years ago) and Pisa (where he went with us right after Rome). Oh my, such a surprise! I know have pictures with my husband from Italy ;) Ok, we had a few from Cinque Terre, but none from Pisa (I think...).

Oh, and among many pictures, I also found a picture of me in Berlin. The ONLY picture of me in Berlin. When we got back from Germany and I browsed through my pictures, I even told my husband that he could have taken at least one picture of me in Berlin. And now I have one. A horrible (!) one, so I won't publish it, but still.

Unfortunately, most of the pictures are either blurred or shaken in any other way. But there were a few that I'm definitely saving.

And seeing our big girl (as she now calls herself) all tiny again... And not as reminding myself of pictures I took long ago. I saw her as a baby and these images were totally new to me. That was... refreshing ;)

Seeing those places from Artur's perspective was like seeing them all over again. The picture of Paris bridges is the best one we have. Cause you can see five (?) bridges in the picture if you look really closely. He was taking pictures of things he found interesting. From the perspective that suited him best. Perspective that I don't have. His Paris is different than mine. The focus is shifted to things that got him interested (at least at times when he had his camera ready for shooting, which wasn't too often anyway).

Many moons ago ;) when digital cameras weren't here yet (or when they weren't that popular), we were waiting for pictures from our trips as if it was gold. Walking around impatiently while that big machine that was printing them, was moving waay too slowly for us. And if there was a line, it was even worse. When we finally got the pictures all printed out, we were reliving the events pictured. Sharing our thoughts with others, laughing, commenting. Now, we see the pictures right away, so we have little to wait for.

The discovery of these pictures reminded me of that waiting. Of that reliving. Of the comments and laughters, cause that's exactly what we did when we were browsing through these pictures. We sat all together in front of the screen and we were commenting, laughing... We were reliving the trips.

The same trips. But like a new one. 

Paris, April 2014
 Rome, September 2014
 Pisa, October 2014
 Berlin, June 2015
And, as a bonus, that's us with the Birthday Girl on her actual birthday.

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  1. Oh my goodness, how wonderful!!! That really is a great feeling to discover forgotten photos and to relive an experience through the eyes of someone else also there. :)