Wednesday, 1 June 2016


It's time to say goodbye. No, not to blogging. I'm not done with that yet, sorry ;)

It's time to say goodbye to #TravelTuesday link-up.

The first link-up I joined (and the only one, at least up to now). Even though I did not join the link-up every single week, I really enjoyed being a part of this community. Reading fellow bloggers' stories. That's how I started reading many blogs. More or less regularly, but I am. And I love that. I will definitely not stop.

But everything must come to an end at some point. And even though I get that, I have to admit it that I'm a bit sad, too.

Some of my own personal favourite posts shared via Travel Tuesday link-up would definitely include:

 Yes, Thailand was full of adventures for us.

and a few others...

Through the link-up, I got to know many fascinating people sharing a similar passion. I got to read about many interesting places. Got inspired to visit many of them. And some of them got to my (actually non-existent) bucket list.

Thank you for the link-up to all the co-hosts.

I can't wait now to join a different one. Maybe more than just one ;)



  1. Itravel Tuesday was the first link up joined too! And I remember reading your post about the blue pool, and all the adventures you guys take!

  2. Your blue pool post was awesome! I'm glad Travel Tuesday provided such a positive introduction to the world of linkups, it was great to have you participate :)

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed my blue pool post. I had a great time writing it. I will definitely join other link-ups now.