Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sweden, Karlskrona

I met my husband during a high school exchange programme with a Stockholm school. First the Swedish came to Poland (that was in March), then we went to Stockholm (May). Since then we’ve had a strong sentiment for Sweden. That’s why when our friend called us with an offer of going to Sweden for a day, we right away said yes. He organised everything, planned the excursion, as he knew what he wanted to do and see there. He’s already been there.
We took a ferry from Gdynia to Karlskrona (Stena Line operates the line). We left Gdynia in the evening and in the morning we were in Karlskrona, which is quite convenient. You can both party and rest on the ferry, then sightsee during the day and leave in the evening for the night. Karlskrona is a lovely small city on the southern coast of Sweden. It was the beginning of December when we went there, so it was quite cold and windy but there was no snow (wasn’t that cold). The Karlskrona Admiralty Church was already decorated for Christmas. Outside the church there is a well-known figure called Rosenbom who is said to have frozen to death on New Year’s Eve of 1717. The figure that is placed outside the church is actually a copy. The original was hidden inside the Church in the mid-20th century. The figure is a poor box, which means that if you lift his hat, you can throw in a coin for the poor.
We took a walk on some of the 33 islands that the city is situated on. We grabbed a quick bite and moved to the most-wanted part of the whole trip. We went to Boda Borg. What is it? It’s better to ask what it’s not. It’s a perfect place both for kids and for adults. It’s full of small rooms creating paths. You get a stamp for finishing each path (each path usually consists of 2-3-4 rooms). In each of the rooms you have to solve a task in a given amount of time to be able to open the door to the next room or the stamp box if that’s the last room in the path. If you fail to do it, you can start the path all over. Yes, if you fail in the last room, you have to start over the whole path. Challenging? But great. Paths are divided into three groups, each represented with a different colour (green, red and black). In all of the rooms you have to figure out on your own what to do to complete the task. All the tasks engage both your body and mind. You complete the tasks in teams. It’s essential, you won’t be able to complete most of the tasks on your own as sometimes you’ll have to do 2-3 things simultaneously. A team of 4 is a perfect size. Three is sometimes to few. When we went there I was pregnant so I wasn’t able to complete some tasks (my belly was already too big ;)) and there were tasks that we had to resign from because the rest of the team could not make it being the three of them. After (as far as I remember) 3-4 hours spent there, we were exhausted and still eager to spend some more time there. So I can say it was really great! I only wish we took some pics in there. We left the camera in the lockers though ;)

It was raining really heavily for some time...


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