Friday, 16 October 2015

My Gran

I've been away for a little while. Cause this was a very sad time for me and my family.

Almost two weeks ago, my beloved Grandmother passed away.

She was a strong woman. Widowed for the last twenty nine years. Despite her age, she was able to climb to the fourth floor every day. To keep fit, still last year she made walks around the nearby lake. A little over a year ago, right after her 80th birthday celebrations, she went on a trip to the Alps. She had a dream to have a little house somewhere in the high mountains.

When I was a child, I spent many summer and winter holidays with her. We (me, my brother and my uncle, who's just eight years older than me) were playing with blankets, building forts, tents or whatever popped into our heads. I loved the blanket with a hole the most. Cause I already had a window or an observation spot, depending on the kind of game we were playing.

We were playing a lot of board games. Since I've always loved puzzles, I'd do lots of those with her, too. We'd compete against each other, which one finished her 600 pieces puzzle first. Or we'd split 1500 pieces into half and then compete which one finished her half first.

She loved crossword puzzles, too. Jolka being her favourite type.

She still dreamt of two trips. She wanted to cruise the Elblag-Ostroda Canal. And she wanted to see the tulips blossoming in the Netherlands. Cruise the canals from one Dutch town to another. Her unfulfilled dreams.

She had four children, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

It was for her that I started writing this blog in Polish also. Though she never asked for it. But I know that she was following.

During my life, she never was seriously ill. Never been to a hospital. Until end of May this year.

Requiescat in pace, Grandma. I love you.

Irena, 21.07.1934 - 04.10.2015

Pictures below are in no particular order, let alone a chronological one
 Our last picture together. During my Gran's 80th birthday last year

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