Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A perfect way to say goodbye

Last afternoon in Czorsztyn. We accomplished all our goals and even more. We did everything we planned to do in the area and even managed to add a few more. But it was time to say goodbye.

We packed all we already could pack and still have a few hours to spare before the end of the day. We went to get some delicious ice cream. And then, just like when we first visited Czorsztyn, we went to Majerz. To see the shepherd's hut and buy oscypek to take home with us, to run around freely, to see the wonderful sunset over the lake. Just to see, to be, to feel, to enjoy. The place and, most importantly, ourselves.

A perfect way to say goodbye.

The most delicious oscypki in the area can be bought in this shepherd's hut (bacówka) in Czorsztyn!
 The only sheep we saw in Pieniny were these ones. Saying hello to us every morning and goodnight every evening.

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