Monday, 25 January 2016

Cruising the canals

We started our second day in Bangkok with cruising the canals.

First, though, we had to get to the right pier. With the water tram fiasco of the first day, we wanted to give the water trams a last chance. And we were not disappointed this time. Not only did we walk through a pretty little park with gorgeous tiny yellow birds playing in the branches of a big tree, but we actually got on the water tram. It's a cheap and very convenient way of travelling in Bangkok and we used it to the maximum this last day in Bangkok.

It turned out that once we got to our stop (the one closest to our hostel), there was a lady selling tickets for the trams. So we bought ourselves tickets and just waited for the tram to come. Nobody was making us move from the pier. There was no rush, no negative vibe. We got on the tram easily and got to our destination. Piece of cake. And we could have done it from the start, if only we knew... If only nobody was messing with us...

Just in case you were wondering, you can buy the tickets on the tram, too. And they're quite crowded. But what can you expect in such a huge city additionally packed with thousands of tourists.

We got to the pier right across the river from Wat Arun. We decided to get a two-hour cruise, cause we really wanted to see the canals. Not just the area right next to the Grand Palace.

We got to see places that I never expected to see. Though I already knew what Bangkok canals look like, cause I have seen pictures of them. But seeing it with my own eyes, was a bit of a shock.

Beautiful villas were standing side by side with shacks. Both were being lived in. Wonderful, colourful, richly ornamented temples and schools. And then something we'd call unused, devastated sheds, but these were still houses. People were sitting on their porches, right above water, enjoying their days. Waving at us and smiling at us. There was something disturbing in this picture, in this contrast. Yet, at the same time, it was so peaceful.

We also got to this some of the fauna of the Chao Phraya River. Fish that could play in horror movies or haunt you in your nightmares. Lizards (or whatever these were) that could join the fish in the haunt. And birds, that were just plain old birds ;)

Towards the end of our cruise it started raining. When we got off the boat, we went for lunch (delicious! In the bar right at the pier! Spicy is good!). In the meantime, it stopped raining. So we could continue our tour of Bangkok.

"Our" park and neighbourhood
Water trams (mind the flag at the rear end)
Wat Arun - yes, under renovation
And we're off
The Grand Palace as seen from Chao Phraya River

The pavement along the canal

Want a nice little fish?
Some have dogs as pets, some have cats...

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  1. This is very exotic! :) I don't do boats very often, but cruising canals seems like a great way of seeing a new city!