Monday, 25 July 2016

Busy August to come

It's been awfully quiet here, but sometimes it's much better to take a break than to write something just because you should. Even though you have no time or energy for it.

It's my last week at work before a month long break. Yes, long awaited holidays are approaching slowly. They're almost here.

On one hand, I just can't wait. Can't wait, cause I'll be able to spend a month with my loved ones. Can't wait cause waiting up at 5 am is horrible, even though I'm an early bird (rather than an owl). Can't wait cause there yet another adventure waiting for us. Can't wait, cause I'm going to see so many new places. Can't wait, cause when we get back home, I'm going to have a whole new kitchen (finally! We've been planning to do kitchen makeover for the last three or four years!). Can't wait. Simply. And for many more reasons.

On the other hand, I'm petrified. Petrified, cause spending three weeks in a car, moving from place to place, is going to be a challenge. Petrified, cause we have hardly anything planned for the trip (and that's so not me!). Petrified, cause the whole kitchen makeover is going to be done without me. Petrified, cause there are still so many things to do before our holidays, and so little time left. And many more. But I don't think I should be listing any more of them, since every time I want to write "petrified, cause", I keep typing "can't wait". Yes, something is trying to tell me something. And, this time (and this time only ;)), I'm going to listen.

I'm excited. Really, truly excited. Almost everything for the kitchen remodel (that we were supposed to prepare) is ready and waiting. Bags are so totally not packed and I only keep thinking that we can't forget to take this or that. I should start writing these things down.

I can't wait for the moment when we already get into our car and set off. That's the best moment. The moment I like most. Cause I already can't change anything. That's the moment when I stop worrying and start enjoying myself. Even when there's trouble (which we later call adventures, duh).

Our big trip. Soon. This week.

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