Saturday, 5 August 2017

Journey in space and in time

Have I mentioned already that Obidos stole our hearts? We have visited it in the evening and then got back the following day to see it in daylight. And we loved both those visits. No, there wasn't a third time. But there's one more thing about Obidos that I'd like to write a few words about.

Every year during summer (I've read it's usually in July, but we visited in August and it was on, so I have no idea if the dates are more or less fixed or not), Obidos becomes host to an event that clearly should take place in a medieval town like this. Obidos becomes host to a Medieval Fair.

The place is being taken over by people dressed in medieval-styled clothes, both knights and peasants. You get a chance to see knights fight (and try it yourself), you get to try delicious foods and drinks. And with so many people running around all dressed up, you can almost feel like you have travelled not only in space, but also in time.

Most activities during the Medieval Fair, of course, take place either in the afternoon or in the evening. But also during the day you can try foods and drinks or watch some shows. Just definitely less that later on during the days.

The entrance to the fair is ticketed. Depending on what you're planning to do during the event, you can choose a suitable package. Either with a costume, or a festive dinner, or just a walk through the fair. It all depends on what you expect and how much you can spend, of course.

We bought just the entrance tickets. We were planning to spend the evening at the beach, enjoying the ocean before we head further down the following day. We paid 7 EUR/adult. Kids got in for free.

Obidos is one of the places we keep thinking and talking about a lot when discussing our Eurotrip2016. Both us and the kids really loved it a lot. But then again, can't you tell from my posts? :)

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