Monday, 9 November 2015

"Przełom Białki pod Krempachami" nature reserve

We're back from Thailand. It was hot, it was sunny (most of the time, but more on that some other time), it was delicious, it was colourful... it was great. Getting back to reality is a painful process, but we all face it one day or another (some face it every Monday, when reality hits after a delightful weekend). When my alarm clock announces that it's already 5:20 am and I should get off my bed, the murderer and destroyer in my wakes up much faster than I do. Cause it's still dark and it's cold outside.

I will definitely share my memories from wonderful Thailand on this blog. But first things first. And this is a general plan:

1. I have to get through the thousands of photos we took during the trip. So that I choose only a small portion to present and not get you all too bored.
2. I have to finish the posts about our summer holidays first. I'm roughly half way through. There's definitely less to show than I already have posted. Or so I think right now ;)
3. I still have some stories from our June trip to Berlin to share with you! I completely forgot about that and haven't really had a chance to browse through the pictures! I'll probably do that once I'm done with Thai posts though.
4. And, last but not least, I still have a few minor, local trips to share here as well. And I don't really want to skip those.

So, all in all, there's a lot to do, so I'd better get down to doing, instead of talking about the doing.

Last time, before I took a break from blogging due to personal happenings and our big trip, I wrote a few words on a weird and difficult to pronounce place called Wdżar (trust me, we have even more difficult names and words to pronounce than this one).

This time I'll take you a bit to the West from Czorsztyn, to the Polish part of Spisz region (most of Spisz is on the Slovakian side of the border and is spelled Spiš). Our goal: naure reserve "Przełom Białki pod Krempachami". We were thinking of climbing the two rock mounting over the river. Yes, we were. We put on our trekking shoes, got all dressed. Took some toys for the kids, just in case. Of course, we didn't take any swimsuits, cause who'd get into, step their feet in the cold mountain stream. Let alone swim in it.

Ok, we got to the reserve. We found it. Not too many roadsigns lead there. We had to look for signs for bikers. But there was a small area playing the role of a car park. Aka a grassy part of land, partly fenced, so you could venture a guess that you're allowed to leave your car there. An old lady was sitting at a wooden table and collecting money for the car park. 5 pln for the whole day.

We went ahead. The ground changed from muddy and sandy to rocky. Then we saw water. The river. Oh, yes, we could easily tell that there should be more water there.

But the area itself was so beautiful. The rocks, the water, the bushes, the trees, and Tatra Mountains in the distance.

We knew already that there was no chance for climbing. All we all wanted to do was sit on the rocks, play, chill out. Just rest. It was so peaceful and quiet around. Especially if you don't stay right where you reach the river, but move along a bit. You might end up alone, with no other people in sight. That's what we did. Though to get back to the place where most people stayed took us just five minutes!

I hope you'd like the place as much as we did! Not many people know about this reserve and not many people get there. And I love such places :)

Oh, and btw. the water was cold. Yet we couldn't take either of our kids out of the river :)

Tatra Mountains in the distance!
You can see a small "beach" round the bent. That's the place where most people stayed having reached the river.
We couldn't see anyone where we stayed.

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  1. That certainly looks like a beautiful spot. If a little chilly! And so great to have it completely to yourself. I wouldn't have bothered with the climbing either :)

    1. This place was gorgeous. And not too many people get there anyway. Yeah, once we got to the water, nobody felt like climbing. What for? ;)

  2. Looks like such a beautfiful place! And I agree with Rachel, being there all by yourself must be the best part!

    1. That really was the best part. For me. For the kids - the cold water was the winner.

  3. Your kids are brave getting right in that cold water. I'm such a wimp when it comes to the cold! Looks like such a relaxing peaceful place to be :D

    1. I didn't get into the water, either! Well, eventually. But it took me a while. They had no problem with that.

  4. Can't wait to hear about Thailand. I always come home from trips overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I have to sift through.

    1. That's exactly what happens to me, too! It's great to hear that I'm not the only one ;) I will get to writing about Thailand at the beginning of December the latest. Though I still hope to get to that still by the end of this month.