Monday, 29 February 2016

Exploring Krabi Province - 3. Hot Stream Waterfalls

The last stop on our exploring Krabi Province day trip was at the hot stream waterfalls.

That was a short stop. The shortest of the three. At first, I thought that would be too little time. After all, we were to walk to the waterfall, take a bath, rest for a bit, look around (as always a must!) and only then head back to the minivan.

As it turned out, that was more than enough.

After about five minute walk from the minivan through the jungle, we got something that looked like a construction site. Or maybe a place long forgotten? No, I'd go with a construstion site. Anyway, there were some buidlings, not yet fully organised little flower/plant areas, etc. We started looking around and got lost, whether this is it. Whether that was the place we were looking for. I saw some pictureson the Internet before the trip, but that was long time before and I wasn't sure. No one from our group was sure, so we decided to keep going. And that was the right choice.

A few metres further we saw it. Then we were sure it was it.

With just my bathing suit on, I couldn't wait to get into that hot water. Cause it was hot. Really hot. At first, I wasn't even sure if I'd make it. I put my foot in the water and started having second thoughts. It's so hot outside, why should I make myself suffer in the hot water? My husband alread said "pass" and decided to take pictures instead of sitting in the hot water for nothing. But being a woman made me prone to all the "it's good for your skin" stuff. So I convinced myself to keep going.

It wasn't easy. It's all in natural surrounding, so you have to walk on and between huge stones and rocks. You never know if your foot, that you're trying to put somewhere to get a little more balance and move on, would end up in water knee high or hip high. Yes, that mush difference in water level. There are places where you can easily lie down or even swim in, but in other places, right next by, you might hit a rock with your knee (very painful) when trying to swim. So you have to be cautious all the time.

There are signs stating how much time you can safely spend in the water (that given time is more than enough. Or was for most of us). And signs informing what minerals are in the water.

That was our last stop on that day trip. On our way back to the minivan (through the jungle, different path than on the way in), we spotted a lizard on the leaves of a plant, right by the path. Most people went by never noticing it. And it was so pretty, posing patiently for the pictures.

The next day we were exploring a different part of Krabi Province, on a half day trip. Yet again, we're going to see some monkeys!

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