Saturday, 24 September 2016

Driving, driving... and a colourful sunset

Having seen La Roque Gageac, we spent day four of our #Eurotrip2016 driving. We didn't know where we would get, where we should look for a campsite or anything. We even didn't know whether we were going to spend the night in France or in Spain.

Driving through Dordogne

Finally, we ended up driving to Spain. We knew we were stretching it a bit too far. But we had no trouble finding free spots on campsites, so we hoped it was going to be like that here as well. Spoiler alert - it definitely wasn't.

Relax zones on French highways

Already exhausted and thinking of nothing else but regaining freedom (aka getting out of the car), we got to the first campsite in the area we wanted to visit. The views from there were spectacular. The campsite was on a kind of cliff, overlooking... I don't know, a river estuary? It reminded me of Norwegian fiords a little, though the colours of water, sky, plants were definitely different. I regret not taking any pictures there. But if I got out of the car, the kids would have wanted to do the same. And getting them back in the car would have been impossible. And since the campsite was full, we had to keep driving. Throughthe narrow roads, with lots of twists and turns. Through mountains and forests. We got to the second campsite. Surprise, surprse, it was also full. We definitely did not expect that. How naive of us, I know. And we knew it back then, too.

Anyway, we typed into our navigation the coordinates of the third campsite. Third time's a charm. We were back on the road. Twists, turns, forests, mountains - all that again.

One of the few pictures of our tent (the big one on the right)

We finally got to the campsite. And, again, we hear that, unfortunately, they hav no places left. Seriously, nothing? We're small, we don't take up much space (our full bumper totally contradicts that...). We're with kids. We're sooo tired. We won't stay long. Two nights tops. Or maybe at least for one night...? The receptionist said that they have area where we could set up a tent, but we'd have to leave our car on the car park and not next to the tent (so not  problem), and there's no electricity there (sold! we could live with that).

 The sunset as seen from the on-site playground

So we found our place for the next two nights. With a magnificent view of colourful sunsets over the sea. Just off Bilbao. We could stay. We could relax.

Right after the sunset

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