Friday, 9 September 2016

#Eurotrip2016 - a summary

Sometimes longer breaks are good. They let me get a perspective. Think things over. Process. But the fact, that I wasn't writing, doesn't mean that I was doing nothing.

We got back from our Eurotrip 2016 about three weeks ago. Yes, a long time indeed. But a busy time as well. Our kitchen is (almost) done and I love it. New schoolyear has started, which means that Artur got back to school. He started second grade. And Paulinka, a proud three year old, started her kindergarden (preschool). It feels like only yesterday she was born. And now, all brave, she is spending the days playing and learning with other kids. From a kid who didn't want to let go of her mommy, she transformed into a brave little being who is happy to spend the days with others. I'm happy. And proud. Of both of them.

Our Eurotrip 2016 took roughly three weeks. Three weeks in a car, with a tent. Two adults, two kids, a tent, four sleeping bags and a largely overpacked car. It was fun.

Today, I'll just share with you a short summary of our trip. I'll focus on the details in the posts to come (there will, most likely, be quite a lot of them).

1. Visiting six countries (apart from our home country, of course) - check.
2. Entering Spain three times in more or less a week in three different places - check.
3. Driving ca. 9850 km - check.
4. Getting to the end of the world - check.
5. Watching (or rather listening to) all three parts of Minions like a zillion times - check.
6. Spending at least a night on fifteen different campsites - check.
7. Missing a place we wanted to visit, cause we forgot to check how to get there - check.
8. Waking up at 5:40 and waiting in line since 6:00 to get the entrance tickets (the ticket offices were open since 8:00) - check.
9. Getting into a fight with a monkey - check.
10. Proving (yet again) that travelling with kids is doable and a lot of fun - check.

Intrigued? At least a little bit? I hope you are. I'm not going anywhere anymore. Although I still haven't managed to get through all the pictures we took on the trip (there's so many places we visited!), I will start sharing our adventures with you.

It feels good to be back.

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