Friday, 13 January 2017

A medieval town of Obidos

As I have already mentioned, from Fatima we drove further south to spend the night somewhere closer to Lisbon. No, we didn't plan to visit Lisbon (or Porto). We wanted to focus on smaller towns. We found a perfect camping spot in Peniche, right off the beach. We could spend the night listening to the ocean, which was amazing. And loud.

Since we got there around 1 p.m., we still had plenty of time to do something, see something. But first things first. It was finally time to hit the beach!

We were finally doing nothing. Resting. Playing. Watching surfers. Running away from waves. We only spent like an hour and a half on the beach, but it felt longer. That's how rested we left it. It felt great.

We promised ourselves to get back here the following day. Cause we were spending two nights there.

 We spent the evening exploring the nearby town of Obidos. One of our favourite places of the whole #Eurotrip2016. It's a small medieval town, surrounded by walls, with a castle looking as if drawn by a kid. For real. K. was so happy to find out that the kinds of castles he used to draw as a kid (he's hardly a drawer. I feel that I should add this information. Sorry, hun), actually do exist.There was also a medieval fair in the town when we visited. We skipped it that evening, though. But there were many people running around town all dressed up, which was perfect. Gave the town even more of that medieval touch.

The town itself is really pretty, full of charm. With white buildings with orange or blue stripes. I simply loved it.

First, we tasted ginja. It's a cherry alcohol drink served in tiny chocolate cups that you can eat, of course. Obidos is famous for ginja, and I'm not surprised, cause it's tasty. We bought bottles of ginja for ourselves, our parents and grandparents. That's the kind of souvenirs I like.

Then we ate delicious dinner and topped it with even more delicious ice cream. We had to burn at least some of the calories, so we climbed the steep stairs and walked part of the town walls. Definitely worth it.

And that was it for the evening. We were all exhausted, cause the day was really hot and sunny. But so exciting at the same time!

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