Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Winter fun!

For the past few years, we've had crappy winters. And by crappy, I really mean crappy. Grey, cold, wet, dark, long, with hardly any snow. And if there was any snow, it was here usually for two-three days before melting completely. Not really what winters should look like. Though it had some positive sides, too. Fewer problems during everyday commute to start with. But the child in me misses snow. Winter should be white. Period.

Ten years ago today our Finnish adventure started. We met a lot of amazing people, had the most snowy winter, got to see St. Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo, got to visit Santa's village on the Arctic Circle and many more. It was a wonderful time. And so many things have happened since then. I'm not even going to try and name them. Too many.

Las weekend was a long weekend here in Poland. First one this year. And white! It was snowing whole Thursday. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all about snow. We spent a lot of time outside, seizing the opportunity to play in the snow to the maximum.

It was still snowing on Friday. But we started the day with a walk to the nearby forest, where we have hills perfect for sledging. We also had a snow fight, of course. Cause what's a winter without a good snow fight. In the afternoon, it was time to hit the garden again (again, cause the kids spent Thursday afternoon in the garden as well). The kids and K. tried to make a snowman, but the snow wasn't sticky enough. They got back home with red cheeks, all covered with snow and happy.

On Saturday morning, we ate a quick (yet big) breakfast, packed the car and an hour later we were on the ski slope. Yes, we went skiing. Even though we live on the coast, there are a few ski slopes in Kashubia region. They're far from big, but enough for us (and many others).

It was the first skiing adventure for Paulinka. And for me as well. Those who know me can assure you that it was huge. Artur didn't forget a thing (or forgot little, me being the one to judge) from his last year's skiing classes. After some time, me and Paulinka went to the bar for some hot chocolate/tea and fries, while the guys continued skiing for some time longer. Us, girls, loved the bar part of the day, too, might I add. It was a fun, yet very cold, half of day. We spent the rest of it at home.

Sunday was all about snow fun again. It was cold, but sunny this time. We went sledging, we were rolling in the snow. We definitely had fun.

The whole weekend was all about fun. Snow fun. Making memories. For me, snow fun is connected with hot chocoloate or hot cocoa once I get back home. And slices of bread baked with cheese. As simple as that. I want my kids to have memories with snow, too. They don't have to be the same as mine. As long as they are good. And hot chocolate/cocoa just has to be in the picture.

How was your winter weekend? Already waiting for the next one? We sure are. (My beloved camera is still dead. It's been too long. So all pictures were taken with mobiles. Which I hate).

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