Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pieniny welcomed us with a rainbow

After spending a few looong hours in the car. On jammed streets. On the (un)famous Zakopianka (road leading from Cracow to Zakopane. It's quite often jammed. At least parts of it. For no particular reason. We were driving, well more standing still than driving, and suddenly, for no apparent reason, that traffic jam was over). We could finally turn left. Get off that road packed with so many tourists getting to and from Zakopane. Cause it was Sunday afternoon. We hit the empty roads leading us straight to Czorsztyn. Our destination. Luckily, after all the hiking and running around in Ojcowski National Park, Paulinka slept through part of the drive.

When we finally got to Czorsztyn, the first thing for us was getting something to eat. Like stat! We went to the closer restaurant (there are two to choose from. Plus a pizza place). Which had a tiny playground outside. And a fun selection of toys inside as well. We were frequent guests there, btw. We visited the other place a few times, too. But mostly for ice cream. Cause they had delicious flavours. Red wine - no, not just a flavour. Made from red wine. Or whisky and coke. Or oscypek (the famous cheese made from sheep milk), but we haven't tried this particular one. Anyway...

Having unpacked our stuff, we decided to go and see the lake. Well, we did see it on the way and we could see it from our place, but getting there close was a whole other story. The water was warm, but the water level was so low! We could see whole roots of trees that would normally be covered with water.

For the record: it is an artificial lake. Created in the 1990s. To protect the locals from floods. They resettled a few villages to make the lake. And it's huge. When we were bathing in the lake (post to come), we were standing on an asphalt road. Or, rather, what's left of it. It is also quite dangerous. Cause you never know if you're gonna have ground under your feet when you make a step forward. So it's tricky.

When we were going to the lake, part of the sky turn dark grey (see the sky behind the three in third picture?), while the other part, with the sun, was still blueish. So when we were on our way back, it started raining. Not too heavily, but we got a little wet. And we saw a rainbow. Good beginnings last a lifetime :)

The dark gery sky behind the three
See those roots?
The rainbow!
The view from our place. You can see Niedzica Castle (around the centre of the picture).

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