Sunday, 17 April 2016

Kayaking in Koh Lipe

The following day, we decided to spend the afternoon on a kayak. We liked the kayaking in Ao Thalane so much, that we wanted to give it another go.

We rented the kayak from one of the places on Sunrise Beach. The water level was pretty low (if not extremely low) due to tides and we could eaily explore the area just wading around. But kayak seemed like so much more fun.

Besides, after a whole day of doing nothing (ok, maybe not nothing, but too little), we simply had to do... something. Move around. Exercise. And running is never an option with the two of us ;) The weather was perfect - it was sunny, the sky was blue and it wasn't too hot. Or maybe we just got used to the temperatures. Who knows.

I was wearing a life vest just to protect myself from the sunlight. I already got sunburnt a bit the previous day and we had a long trip planned for the following day, so I didn't want to risk not being able to move at all. By the way, aloe vera massage makes so much difference! It's awesome and soothing. Money well spent. And yes, I get sunburnt easily. My skin tone is what it is, not perfect for sunny places. And yes, I get sunburnt despite the amount of sun protection I use. If anybody has any idea how to protect myself, just tell me, please. Cause I think I've tried everythig. I might have just got used toit, though...

The water level that afternoon was so low, that many parts of the reef were above the water. Full moon and tides - magical. We don't have tides in Poland (well, minimal ones, hardly noticeable) so it was amazing for me to experience that. And yes, I've lived at the coast my whole life.

We were kayaking, we were wading, we were simply having fun. And, when we returned our kayak, we paid less than we previously agreed. Isn't that great?

It looks like garbage or something, but it's just the reef...
The "arrival/departure" floating platform
So much into the sea and it was still shallow

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