Friday, 15 April 2016

Sunset and sea life

First sunny day on the island was pretty slow for us. We decided to finally have a bit of a rest after the whirlwind of the previous days in Krabi and Bangkok. So we were sunbathing, snorkeling, relaxing, eating delicious food. Simply, enjoying ourselves. We also bought ourselves a tour to the neighbouring islands for one of the following days.

Speaking of a tour, I had to try taking pictures under water before the tour. That was my first time, so I was struggling a bit and I knew the result won't be perfect. But there were so many things to see under water. No, the reef arond the island is nothing like the one in Egypt, but it was still pretty. There were lots of colourful fish that I can't name and in shallow water. Most of them were swimming so fast that I couldn't catch them with my camera. That's why some of my pictures are blurry.

And no, I don't have GoPro. I was using a waterproof case for my camera.

Besides, I was taking the pictures during sunset. There were many more fish there during the day, but back then I was simply enjoying myself. But when we were waiting for the sun to set, I simply got into water and started taking pictures of the fish as well. Not many of them were still there. But I was glad there were any ;)

It was the pretties of sunsets that we got to see on Koh Lipe. Colourful and magical.

And one of the crabs decided to make friends with us, getting onto my husband's T-shirt ;)

There were plenty of this "little" one. I have no idea what that is (I suck at knowing the sea world), but I was somehow scared of it...
 Where's Nemo?
Koh Adang

To the right, you can see a part of the floating platform where the speedboats and ferries stop.
 That's me - snorkeling...

 That's how far from the beach I was snorkeling... Just a few steps...

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