Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Saying goodbye to Ao Nang

Our last evening in Ao Nang. It was time to say goodbye to the place. And it was finally time to get the first massage in Thailand. Late, right? Yeah. But it was great. We were lying in this cute little massage place (there's plenty of them there), right by the beach. Listening to the fantastic sounds of the sea. And relaxing in every single bit of our aching bodies. After all the journeys, the flight, the night bus ride... we regreted a lot that we didn't have the massage the first evening in Ao Nang. Cause we both knew we didn't feel like having a massage in Bangkok in the middle of loud Khao San Rd. We had a few more massages in Thailand, but the one in Ao Nang was probably the best of them all. And not just because it was the first one there ;)

We went to the beach to see the sunset. We tasted some delicious food, sat on the stairs and just stared at the tiny waves and longtails. We went for a short walk and having bought some food for the long drive awaiting us the following day, we headed back to our room to finish packing.
We were leaving Ao Nang around 7 am the next morning and were supposed to get to our destination around 3 pm. And we were not really sure what it was all going to look like. What was awaiting us.

The journey was difficult. First, a few hours on the van, then another few hours on a ferry.

When we got off the ferry and finally got to the island.... I wanted to just sit on the beach and cry. Nothing else. Didn't even feel like going to our hostel.

I made myself go, though. But it didn't make me feel any better at that moment.

Why? What made me feel so bad?

I'll share that in my next post. 

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