Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A child has spoken

Still in the medieval mood? Great. And not so great. Both at the same time. Great – as we’re staying in Rothenburg for a bit longer. Not so great – as we’re moving in time (for this post about Rothenburg only, I promise) to these days. Rothenburg is a great treat for your eyes, for your taste, for the adult in you. That’s pretty obvious. But it’s also a treat for the CHILD in you (and the child that’s with you as well).

In particular I am thinking of two places where you can have a blast! Two shops, really.

1. Teddyland - Germany’s biggest teddy bear shop! It was full of teddies. Things shaped liked teddies, things painted or ornamented with teddies. There are hundreds... No! Thousands of teddies there. I've never seen so many teddies in one place before!

Taken through the window, sorry for the quality

2. KätheWohlfahrt Christmas shop and a museum with a Christmas exhibition. We entered it right after we left the teddy shop. Wow! I mean... Wow! Have I said wow! yet? It was big. No, not big. It was huge. It was colourful. It was Christmassy. It was all a child could dream of when thinking of Christmas. Well, apart from the fact that instead of name tags you could see price tags on all items. We totally forgot it was 30+ Celsius degrees outside. I was so impressed with the place. And I have already visited Santa's village on the Arctic Circle in Finland! (maybe I'll write about it one day). Sure it was something totally different. But once again. Wow! No other word is good enough to describe what we saw there. And this one is no good either. Wow! I so wanted Christmas to come! Right that second! I know it was just a shop and all. But the child in me was screaming with excitement! Couldn't help it and didn't want to help it. I just cherished the moment. 

 That was amazing! All these little animals were constantly moving!

Oh, and by the way, they also filmed bits and pieces of the last two Harry Potter movies in Rothenburg (info for fans, in case you were wondering).

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