Friday, 17 August 2012

Dresden – last part (hopefully)

Tired of Dresden? Want to see some other places we saw on the way? No worries, that’s the last post on this wonderful city for now. I just wanted to share some more pictures from there and marvel at its beauty once again.

I can’t believe, looking at it, that Dresden was totally destroyed after WWII and most of the places we saw were reopened within the last 30-40 years! We could also see some work still in progress in various places.

I feel that I have to get back to Dresden one day. As always, we probably haven’t seen half of the things there are to see (is it ever possible to see everything?). But there are two that I want to see really bad. These are:

-         PfundsMolkerei – a milk store which is in the Guiness Book as the most beautiful milkstore in the world
-         Hofder Elemente in Kunsthofpassage – a blue house that plays a kind of game with elements, water in particular. The house that plays music.

It was a conscious decision to resign from seeing Pfunds Molkerei. We were all really tired. But I can’t forgive myself that I FORGOT about the blue house! I did remember about it till some point and then… poof! It slipped my mind… Can you believe it?

Oh, and I want to tell you about something delicious I ate in Dresden. Grilled Camembert with pineapple and cranberries at Bistro Café am Schloß. Yummy!

Ok, that’s it for Dresden. Next time we’re moving south east.

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